A place to feel and
exchange the Asian culture
~Experience Japanese traditional
culture and spirit~

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
We are planning to hold a variety of location-specific events.
Actors dispatched
Actors dispatched
Actors who acquired Japanese traditional special skills add a touch of color to the events.
Locations for shooting
Locations for shooting
Our locations are used for movie and CM shooting.

Private Tours (requiring advance reservation)
Private Tours
(requiring advance reservation)
You can look around our buildings.


Other programs

You are more than welcomed to Meihodo to share with us the nature of Aso Caldera in this historical and cultural place.

Goods in possession with historical value

You can also take your time to experience the goods in our possession with the historical value. We provide you with the detailed explanations about the goods.

Zen blowing meditation

Through Zen blowing meditation performed with Shakuhachi, a core part of our program, you can learn a respiration method, a basic skill of Zen.

Drum experiencing

You may want to beat a huge drum in about 2.6 meter-diameter, one of the largest one in Japan, with a head using one piece of cowhide

Access to Meihodo

Good location at the foot of Mount Aso
50 minutes from Kumamoto IC by car
60 minutes from Kumamoto Airport by car